In Garage Storm Shelters

Written on April 10, 2015

FamilySAFE Missouri above ground storm shelters provide comprehensive tornado protection and install easily in your garage.

garage storm shelters

Our EF5 certified storm shelters are easily installed in garages, or anywhere there is a quality concrete slab. Our tornado shelters are steel welded, prefabricated in our controlled shops, and install quickly – usually in less than one hour.

In garage tornado shelters provide easy access to reliable tornado protection. Simply step into the shelter, secure the door, and know you are protected from even the worst tornadoes. Our shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them suitable for placement in many different locations.

Since 1998 our tornado shelters have survived numerous direct hits from EF4 and EF tornadoes without buckling or budging. Even when the entire home was demolished, the Familysafe In addition, our shelters have been fully tested by Texas Tech University to be impact resistant to the forces of EF5 tornadoes. So, whether it’s in the lab or the field, you can rest assured that our shelters have been proven effective.


Garage Storm Shelters

garage storm sheltersInstalling our above ground storm shelters in your garage is a very easy process that is handled by our trained install team. FamilySAFE Missouri uses HILTI anchorage products to secure your storm shelter to the slab flooring of your garage, and all of our installers are trained on the proper anchorage to use for various slab types. Your shelter will be bolted to the slab of your garage using an anchorage pattern designed by HILTI for anchoring storm shelters. A typical garage storm shelter installation takes just an hour to complete.



Concrete Slab Storm Shelters

Exterior storm shelter installYour FamilySAFE above ground storm shelter can be installed in more locations than just a garage. Our above ground storm shelters can go anywhere there is a quality concrete slab. We can install our shelters outside the home, under a carport, on a patio, or other place that is suitable for anchoring. If you have a location you think might be suitable for a storm shelter, but aren’t sure, just ask us! A dealer would be happy to inspect the area, or tour your install site to help you decide on the correct storm shelter location.



EF5 Storm Shelters by FamilySAFE Missouri.

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Storm Shelter Case Study – Dadeville, Missouri

Written on April 7, 2015

Dadeville School Storm Shelters – Dadeville, Missouri

Dadeville Missouri Storm Shelters

In April of 2014 Varsity Contractors was hired to complete a renovation project for Dadeville R-II schools in Missouri. The renovation included gym improvements and the installation of a Family SAFE storm shelter complex capable of housing 150 students and staff members.

The Project

The storm shelter complex was part of a new 70’ x 80’ classroom building that included four classrooms, a new administrative office, new restrooms, and two separate storm shelter clusters on either side of the building.

The Storm Shelter Challenge & Solution

Varsity Contractors was faced with the challenge of creating a multi-access storm shelter network that could house 150 students, provide multiple entry points, and provide handicap access. This challenge was met by designing two large storm shelter clusters. These clusters were outfitted with multiple access points to allow access to the shelters from adjacent classrooms, as well as the hallway. Internal doors were added inside the shelters, to provide the ability to move between shelters without having to exit the cluster. Each cluster was completed with one ADA accessible door in the hallway.

The shelter clusters were also equipped with a lighting system, providing two lights per shelter and two battery backup emergency lights. The shelter cluster exceeded the district’s requirement of housing 150 people by providing storm shelter protection for up to 157 people.

FamilySAFE storm shelters are EF5 certified, and because of their steel construction, are also resistant to all class three handguns, allowing them to serve as panic rooms in emergency shooter situations.

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Commercial Storm Shelters by FamilySAFE Storm Shelters

Written on March 16, 2015

8 x 8 Affordable Transportation (2)

Tornadoes don’t stop striking during work hours. FamilySAFE can help you protect your employees with our proven above ground storm shelters.

Certified Tornado Protection

Our shelters are EF5-tested by Texas Tech University for impact resistance, and are FEMA/ICC500 compliant. Not only do they pass all rigorous safety testing, they have also proven themselves time and again against actual tornadoes.

Custom Storm Shelters

Our above ground steel storm shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your needs, and can even be combined to create large capacity storm shelters, ideal for large businesses or schools. Your dealer can work with you to develop the custom storm shelter that works best for your space and occupancy needs.

FamilySAFE Missouri steel storm shelters are bolted to quality concrete slabs using HILTI anchorage products. This makes them steadfast in the face of tornado-force winds.

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Multi-Use Storm Shelters

Written on January 26, 2015

FamilySAFE’s steel above ground storm shelters can double as a safe for your valuables as well as a panic room during a home invasion. Our above ground steel storm shelters are a versatile addition to your home or business.

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Missouri Storm Shelters as Safe Rooms

Our storm shelters are constructed to withstand the forces of even an EF5 tornado, but did you know that they are also resistant to all type-3 class handguns? That makes them a viable option for use as a panic room in the event of a home invasion. This can be an ideal option for homeowners who live in remote areas without timely police response.

missouri storm shelter in garage

Missouri Storm Shelters as Safes

Our tornado shelters can also be used as a safe to store valuables. Unlike some other home safe options, our safe rooms are bolted to the concrete slab, making them impossible for a would-be thief to load into a truck bed. And with three dead-bolt locks to secure the shelter when not in use, you can rest assured that valuables are safely stored inside.

Our storm shelters are often converted into gun safes by enthusiasts who want to protect their collection.

EF5 Certified Storm Shelters

Our storm shelters are impact tested by Texas Tech University to be certified effective against the forces of EF5 tornadoes. Since 1998, our storm shelters have protected countless families across the United States.

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A Storm Shelter for Every Home

Written on December 17, 2014

Conventional wisdom has always been to go underground to seek shelter from tornadoes, but that’s no longer the case. Family SAFE Missouri above ground storm shelters offer EF5-rated protection from tornadoes and can easily be added to existing homes.

Exterior storm shelter install

In the past, cellars and underground storm shelters were the only sure way to escape severe weather. But in many places, underground shelters are prone to flooding or collapse, leading to continued repairs and maintenance. For homes that don’t have basements, the cost of adding an underground shelter can be prohibitive, making reliable tornado protection out of reach. With above ground storm shelters, you don’t have to worry about flooding or collapse, and their affordability makes them an ideal solution for those seeking to add tornado protection to their existing homes.

Above Ground Storm Shelters by FamilySAFE Missouri

FamilySAFE’s storm shelters are tested to withstand the forces of even an EF5 tornado – the strongest classification for tornadoes. This testing is conducted by experts at Texas Tech University. In addition, our storm shelters are FEMA/ICC500 compliant and meet or exceed all safety standards for above ground storm shelters in the United States.

Not only do our shelters work on paper, through rigorous engineering and research, they work in the field as well. Since 1998 when we started manufacturing our storm shelters, we have had numerous shelters take direct hits from actual tornadoes, including EF4 and EF5 rated storms. Our shelters never failed or faltered, even when the homes they were in were completely destroyed by the storms. That is a track record that we are proud of, and reliability that you can count on when you need it most.

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Storm Shelter Testimonial – Nixa, Missouri

Written on December 2, 2014

I did a lot of research on storm shelters and companies that provide them and after completing this research FamilySAFE was at the top of my list. Meeting with you and experiencing first hand the service provided confirmed why FamilySAFE was at the top. The service provided from the initial contact through the installation was professional, personal, and punctual. It is very comforting to know my family has the security of a storm shelter when bad weather strikes.
Thank you.

Greg Starnes
Nixa, Missouri

Storm Shelter Testimonial – Bolivar, Missouri

Written on December 2, 2014

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for the timely install and all the professionalism that was shown during the install of our FamilySAFE Shelter. We have looked at other companies in Springfield before deciding on FamilySAFE and now that it is in my garage, I am so happy we went with your company. The workmanship in our shelter is leaps and bounds over the competition. Just peace of mind knowing we now have a place to go to in a storm is a great feeling.

Keep up the good work and I am hoping to send other families your way that are wanting this same peace of mind that we now have…

Gloria Carns
Bolivar, Mo

Thank you so much for your kind words, Gloria! We are proud to produce what we believe to be the best storm shelter in the industry.
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Storm Shelter Testimonial – Brown Family in Battlefield, Missouri

Written on December 2, 2014

We had thought about purchasing a storm shelter for several years and just prior to the tornado hitting Joplin MO, we ordered our shelter from FamilySAFE. Going forward as we continue to see the severe storms that frequent the Ozarks, we know we will have peace of mind. Robert Rayl and his team did an excellent job in a very timely manner. I am recommendingFamilySAFE to my friends and neighbors.

Missouri Storm Shelter Testimonial
Newton and Jacqueline Brown
Battlefield, Missouri