FamilySAFE Missouri Storm Shelters

FamilySAFE MO is the official licensed dealer of FamilySAFE storm shelters in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Illinois. Locate a storm shelter dealer in your area. Through System 1, Inc. we bring you what we firmly believe to be the best storm shelters in the industry.

The System 1, Inc. and the FamilySAFE storm shelter team received the Southwest Missouri Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Business place ethics as well as the BBB Gold star award. The most prominent award presented by the BBB.

Certified Storm Shelters

FamilySAFE has been building and installing our above ground steel storm shelters since 1998. Our shelters passed all rigorous impact tornado testing at TEXAS TECH University, are FEMA and ICC/500 compliant, and meet or exceed every safety and engineering standard for above ground tornado shelters in the United States.

Not only are our shelters proven in testing situations, they have shown themselves effective in actual tornadoes, time and again. Since 1998 we have had over a dozen of our shelters take direct hits from EF4 and EF5 strength tornadoes, and never once did our shelters falter or fail.

In addition, FamilySAFE Storm Shelters has a written letter of endorsement from the HILTI anchorage company, and we exclusively use HILTI anchorage products to anchor our storm shelters.

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Where Can Our Storm Shelters Be Installed?

We can install storm shelters across the United States. From California to North Carolina, we are ready to help you protect your family with our shelters. Our home base for tornado shelters is Springfield, MO, with dealers in many other states ready to work with you.

Our storm shelters can be installed almost anywhere that has a quality concrete slab. If you have any questions about suitable install locations, contact us today to speak with a dealer or make an appointment.

Easily Add Certified Tornado Protection to Your Home


Because of their prefabricated design, our storm shelters can easily be added to existing homes, with a typical garage installation taking only about an hour to complete. We also routinely incorporate our shelters into new building projects, coordinating with you or your builder.

Our shelters are anchored exclusively with HILTI anchorage products, and all of our storm shelter installers are trained in the usage of HILTI’s products. We have the knowledge to determine which anchor is best for your slab so that your storm shelter will stay firmly in place when you need it most.

With nature’s forces stronger than our buildings, it’s important to have shelter in a storm. Don’t risk going outside in one of these storms or locking yourself underground in a basement. FamilySAFE gives you easy access to the safety you need in an immediate storm such as a tornado. With merely minutes of warning for these forces of nature, you need a shelter that is easily accessible and comfortable for your family. Our structures made it through a severe F5 storm in Oklahoma, keeping loved ones and neighbors safe from the devastation that may have occurred. With our anchoring system keeping your shelter solidly in place, your family can rest assured that when the winds die down, you will be upright, and able to walk right out the door.

For more information on our services in Springfield, MO; Marion, IL; Nashville, TN; and more, take a look at our contact page.