Above Ground Storm Shelters

Our storm shelter is constructed of a welded steel shell over a steel safety cage. The steel shell protects the occupants from projectiles and the 2”x2” square tubing safety cage can support over 130,000lbs of crush strength, sheltering occupants from fallen debris or total house collapse.

Proven Tornado Shelter Protection

Our storm shelters have stood up to tornado strength forces, and not just in rigorous lab testing either. Since we began building storm shelters in 1998, our storm shelters have been through numerous tornadoes, including a dozen direct hits from EF4 and EF5 strength storms. Each time, our shelters never budged. These reliable shelters are still in the field today, continuing to provide their owners with peace of mind and tornado protection they can count on.

Quick and Easy Storm Shelter Installation

Because FamilySAFE storm shelters are prefabricated in a controlled environment, the installation process is simple. The storm shelter is delivered as a single piece unit, moved into place and bolted down using the HILTI anchorage system that is best for your slab. The total process usually takes less than a couple of hours. Your dealer and installer will determine which anchor is best for your slab.

Above Ground Storm Shelter Sizes: 3.5’x5’  4‘x4’  4’x6’  4’x8’  6’x6’  6’x8’ 8’x8’  8’x10’  8’x12’

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All units feature:

  • Fully engineered drawings and specs
  • HILTI anchorage system
  • Patent pending Safe-T door with lock release features
  • 4×4 electrical box with a 3/4″ conduit hole for electric
  • Flush type roof vent for easy HVAC ducting
  • Stainless steel lever handle
  • Loss of only 2.5″ per wall finished unit
  • Door venting (return air vents)
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

It makes a great addition to any home, garage, or shop. We make it easy to run electricity into the storm shelter, or to outfit with the necessities of your choice.

Contact FamilySAFE Storm Shelters today to speak with a dealer about our storm shelters.