Survival Stories

Our saferooms work. Not only have they passed all rigorous tornado impact testing at Texas Tech University, our storm shelters have also been through numerous actual tornadoes, including over a dozen EF4 and EF5-rated storms.

Each time our shelters did exactly what we designed them to do. They never budged or buckled, stayed firmly in place, and protected the people inside from the forces of these deadly storms.

We’re proud of the quality of our storm shelters. Our shelters are fully-engineered, complete with stamped drawings, are FEMA/ICC500 compliant, and meet or exceed every safety standard for above ground storm shelters in the United States.

Direct Hit Survival Timeline
FamilySAFE saferooms survived each of these storms.

  • F4/F5 May 8, 2003 Moore/Dell City OK
  • EF4 Feb 5, 2008 Savannah/Franklin Tenn
  • EF4 Feb 5, 2008 Jackson Tenn
  • EF4 April 27, 2011 Birmingham AL
  • EF4/EF5 May 24, 2011 Piedmont OK
  • EF5 May 20, 2013 Moore OK

Video Testimonials

Arkansas FamilySAFE testimonial

Arkansas Survives Tornado in FamilySAFE Storm Shelter

See the video testimonial from an Arkansas man who survived a tornado in a FamilySAFE storm shelter


Storm Shelter Testimonial – Brown Family in Battlefield, Missouri

We had thought about purchasing a storm shelter for several years and just prior to the tornado hitting Joplin MO, we ordered our shelter from FamilySAFE. Going forward…

Storm Shelter Testimonial – Bolivar, Missouri

Robert,Just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for the timely install and all the professionalism that was shown during the install of…

Storm Shelter Testimonial – Nixa, Missouri

I did a lot of research on storm shelters and companies that provide them and after completing this research FamilySAFE was at the top of my list. Meeting with you and…