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Conventional wisdom has always been to go underground to seek shelter from tornadoes, but that’s no longer the case. Family SAFE Missouri above ground storm shelters offer EF5-rated protection from tornadoes and can easily be added to existing homes.

In the past, cellars and underground storm shelters were the only sure way to escape severe weather. But in many places, underground shelters are prone to flooding or collapse, leading to continued repairs and maintenance. For homes that don’t have basements, the cost of adding an underground shelter can be prohibitive, making reliable tornado protection out of reach. With above ground storm shelters, you don’t have to worry about flooding or collapse, and their affordability makes them an ideal solution for those seeking to add tornado protection to their existing homes.

Above Ground Storm Shelters by FamilySAFE Missouri

FamilySAFE’s storm shelters are tested to withstand the forces of even an EF5 tornado – the strongest classification for tornadoes. This testing is conducted by experts at Texas Tech University. In addition, our storm shelters are FEMA/ICC500 compliant and meet or exceed all safety standards for above ground storm shelters in the United States.

Not only do our shelters work on paper, through rigorous engineering and research, they work in the field as well. Since 1998 when we started manufacturing our storm shelters, we have had numerous shelters take direct hits from actual tornadoes, including EF4 and EF5 rated storms. Our shelters never failed or faltered, even when the homes they were in were completely destroyed by the storms. That is a track record that we are proud of, and reliability that you can count on when you need it most.

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