In Garage Storm Shelters

FamilySAFE Missouri above ground storm shelters provide comprehensive tornado protection and install easily in your garage.

garage storm shelters

Our EF5 certified storm shelters are easily installed in garages, or anywhere there is a quality concrete slab. Our tornado shelters are steel welded, prefabricated in our controlled shops, and install quickly – usually in less than one hour.

In garage tornado shelters provide easy access to reliable tornado protection. Simply step into the shelter, secure the door, and know you are protected from even the worst tornadoes. Our shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations, making them suitable for placement in many different locations.

Since 1998 our tornado shelters have survived numerous direct hits from EF4 and EF tornadoes without buckling or budging. Even when the entire home was demolished, the Familysafe In addition, our shelters have been fully tested by Texas Tech University to be impact resistant to the forces of EF5 tornadoes. So, whether it’s in the lab or the field, you can rest assured that our shelters have been proven effective.

Garage Storm Shelters

garage storm shelters

Installing our above ground storm shelters in your garage is a very easy process that is handled by our trained install team. FamilySAFE Missouri uses HILTI anchorage products to secure your storm shelter to the slab flooring of your garage, and all of our installers are trained on the proper anchorage to use for various slab types. Your shelter will be bolted to the slab of your garage using an anchorage pattern designed by HILTI for anchoring storm shelters. A typical garage storm shelter installation takes just an hour to complete.

Concrete Slab Storm Shelters

Exterior storm shelter install

Your FamilySAFE above ground storm shelter can be installed in more locations than just a garage. Our above ground storm shelters can go anywhere there is a quality concrete slab. We can install our shelters outside the home, under a carport, on a patio, or other place that is suitable for anchoring. If you have a location you think might be suitable for a storm shelter, but aren’t sure, just ask us! A dealer would be happy to inspect the area, or tour your install site to help you decide on the correct storm shelter location.

EF5 Storm Shelters by FamilySAFE Missouri.

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